Conferència: Elodie Boublil (Archives Husserl de Paris, ENS-CNRS, Marie Curie Actions). "Do you feel the same? Self-Identity, Empathy and Community Feeling in Husserl"

Data: 17 de juny de 2016
Hora: 17h
Lloc: Institut d'Estudis Catalans (C/Carme, 47. Barcelona)
Abstract: The phenomenological approach to empathy considers that perceiving the other does not amount to know her mind and that any experience is first and foremost interpersonal. Empathy is a specific kind of intentional perception that helps me recognize another subject as such, while respecting the asymmetrical nature of our relation (I can never perceive the other as I experience myself). In the Fifth Cartesian Meditation, and in his texts on Intersubjectivity, Husserl pictures a kind of self-alterity that guarantees and structures my encounter with the other. In this presentation, I will explain how the experience of empathy reveals at the same time the structure of the subject’s individuation and the possibility of encountering the other and feeling a sense of community. First, I explain Husserl’s critique of psychologism and his conception of the subject’s individuation. Then, I examine how this sense of identity shapes empathic experiences and intersubjectivity. Finally, I conclude by critically assessing the nature and structure of the sense of community one may found in Husserl’s texts. 
Elodie Boublil és Investigadora "Marie Curie" del Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique i Membre Associada dels Arxius Husserl a París, on ha organitzat recentment el Seminari Internacional "Approches phénoménologiques de l'empathie". Ha publicat nombrosos articles i estudis sobre Husserl, Merleau-Ponty o Lévinas, amb especial èmfasi en les qüestions relatives a la intersubjectivitat i l'ètica.